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The Arc is made up of a network of nearly 700 state and local chapters nationwide.  Our chapters serve as the primary vehicle through which we advance our mission.

Local Chapters

On the front lines providing individual advocacy, programs, services, and supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. To find out what supports and services are offered near you, contact a local chapter in your area.

State Chapters

Leading state-level public policy advocacy, providing local chapter support, and some may also offer direct services such as case coordination, special needs trust planning, or public awareness and education. To find out what supports and services are offered in your state, contact your state chapter.

Supports & Services

May include early intervention, supported employment, job training, transition planning, respite care, supported living and transportation to name a few. Additional services available at some chapters include: case management, medical and dental care and therapeutic services such as occupational and physical therapy, behavior management, speech therapy and more. Depending on the stage of life a person is in, the supports may vary and are meant to be tailored to meet that person’s individual needs. Check with your local chapter to determine which services are available.

National Programs

The Arc implements several national programs that are funded by grants from government, private foundations or other dedicated sources. These programs encompass our national initiatives:

Autism NOW: The National Autism Resource and Information Center

Originally funded by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities, the Autism NOW Center is the central point of access to high-quality resources and information for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), their families, professionals, and other key stakeholders.

To find out more about the progress of the National Autism Resource and Information Center towards these goals, please go to

Center for Future Planning

The Arc’s Center for Future Planning aims to support and encourage adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families to plan for the future. The Center provides reliable information and practical assistance to individuals with I/DD, their family members and friends, professionals who support them and other members of the community on areas such as person-centered planning, decision-making, housing options, and financial planning. Learn more about the Center for Future Planning.

Chapter Excellence Group

The Chapter Excellence Group brings together the collective expertise of our more than 700 local and state chapters.  Functioning as a hub for sharing information, training, and developing innovative programs and resources, the Chapter Excellence Group promotes best practices in advocacy, services and supports for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Down Syndrome Grant Program

The Arc received two restricted gifts dedicating more than $3 million for the care, education, and support of people with Down syndrome in New Mexico; a smaller fund is dedicated to Down syndrome research.

eXplore eRecycling Initiative

The Arc’s eXplore eRecycling initiative brings together Chapters of The Arc across the United States and experts in the employment, disability, and e-recycling fields to help develop or enhance electronic waste management programs that offer inclusive, community-based employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Learn more about the eXplore eRecycling initiative.

FASD Prevention Project

The Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Prevention Project seeks to increase provider knowledge of the risks alcohol poses to a fetus, the use of FASD prevention strategies, including the use of screening and assessment methods, and the use of consistent messaging with patients: drinking while pregnant can cause FASD. Read more about the FASD Prevention Project.


HealthMeet® is a project of The Arc funded through a 1 million dollar grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that works to reduce health disparities and increase the longevity and quality of life for people with intellectual disability. To achieve this, HealthMeet® deploys free community-based health screenings and individualized referrals for individuals with I/DD; provides training and education to individuals, their families, direct service professionals, medical providers, and medical students; and raises public awareness of health issues that impact people with I/DD across the country. Learn more about the HealthMeet® project.

National Center on Criminal Justice and Disability

The Arc is pleased to announce it has been awarded a two-year grant for $400,000 by the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) to develop a national center on criminal justice and disability, with a focus on intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). This is the first national effort of its kind to bring together both victim and suspect/offender issues involving people with I/DD under one roof. According to the National Crime Victim Survey of 2010, the victimization rate is twice as high for individuals with disabilities as compared to those without disabilities. Read more about NCCJD.

National Council of Self Advocates

The National Council of Self Advocates of The Arc (NCSA) is the formation of a group of leaders representing the full spectrum of ages and abilities across our national chapter network. By joining, you will have the opportunity to network with other self advocates as well as to support the advocacy and programs of The Arc at all levels. Learn more about the National Council of Self Advocates.

National Sibling Council

The Arc’s National Sibling Council welcomes all siblings and those who support siblings who are members of The Arc either at the local, state or national level. The Council will offer opportunities for networking, support, advocacy, and leadership development. Learn more about The Arc's National Sibling Council.

Self-Advocates with FASD in Action (The SAFA Network)

This project will build and support a strong network of self-advocates with FASD who can provide leadership in promoting and organizing self-advocacy efforts that benefit them. The SAFA Network will provide outreach to individuals with an FASD through conference calls, meetings at the annual Building FASD State Systems (BFSS) conferences, and exhibits at regional or national conferences throughout the country. If you have an FASD and are interested in getting involved, please contact Leigh Ann Davis, Project Coordinator at or 202.534.3727. Learn more about the SAFA Network.

School to Community Transition Initiative

Through 49 state and local chapters, The Arc is promoting transition programs including employment, post-secondary education opportunities, and independent community living. In addition to providing direct services and supports for individuals, this program includes research into the issues faced during transition and the development of a national database. It is the hope of this initiative to not only improve outcomes for transitioning youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities, but to identify best practices in these areas. Learn more about the School to Community Transition Initiative.

The Arc's Recycling Initiative

The Arc’s Recycling Initiative brings together Chapters of The Arc across the United States and experts in the employment, disability, and recycling fields to help develop or enhance recyclable waste management programs that offer inclusive, community-based employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Read more about The Arc's Recycling Initiative.

Tech Toolbox

With nearly 500 apps and devices available, Tech Toolbox is a one-stop-shop, peer-reviewed directory of technology products that are useful and effective for people with I/DD. Tech Toolbox was implemented through a national partnership with the Comcast Foundation. Find out more here.

Wings for Autism®

Wings for Autism® is an airport “rehearsal” specially designed for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, their families and aviation professionals. Originated by the Charles River Center, a local chapter of The Arc, Wings for Autism® is designed to alleviate some of the stress that families who have a child with autism experience when traveling by air. The program provides families with the opportunity to practice entering the airport, obtain boarding passes, go through security and board a plane. Wings for Autism® also gives airport, airline, Transportation Security Administration professionals and other personnel the opportunity to observe, interact and deliver their services in a structured, learning environment. This experience is equally useful for families that have a member with other intellectual or developmental disabilities that are concerned about the ability of their family member to travel. Read more about Wings for Autism®.

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