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Is Wings for Autism® / Wings for All® coming to your city? Keep checking the schedule as more dates are announced to see if it is coming to your area!

Madison County, AL April 8th 2017
Baton Rouge, LA April 8, 2017
Atlanta, GA April 12, 2017
Houston, TX April 18, 2017 
Greensville-Spartanburg, SC – April 29, 2017
South Bend, IN – April 29, 2017
Allentown, PA May 6, 2017
Fresno, CA May 13, 2017
Appleton, WI – May 13, 2017

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What is Wings for Autism®/Wings for All®?

Wings for Autism®/Wings for All® are airport “rehearsals” specially designed for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. The programs are designed to alleviate the stress that families who have a child with autism or intellectual/developmental disabilities experience when flying. It provides families the opportunity to practice entering the airport, obtaining boarding passes, going through security and boarding a plane. Airport, airline, Transportation Security Administration professionals, and other personnel also have the opportunity to observe, interact, and deliver their services in a structured learning environment. Read more.

The Arc’s Wings for Autism®/Wings for All® is sponsored in part by The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism, Inc. The goal of the Flutie Foundation is to help families affected by autism to live life to the fullest. Through programs and partnerships, the foundation helps people with autism get access to care; lead more active lifestyles; and grow toward adult independence. Learn more about the Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation, Inc.

For additional information please contact:

Kerry Mauger


Wings for Autism® was created by Charles River Center, an affiliated chapter of The Arc, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Port Authority. For additional information about bringing Wings to an airport near you, please email